Who We Are...

Founded in 1976, Tobar Industries was originally located in Mountain View, California, in the northern part of Silicon Valley. 
In 2000, we combined our operations into our current, centrally located 58,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in San Jose. 
We are ISO-certified and ITAR-compliant.
Our highly qualified manufacturing engineers provide you with valuable design support, typically while using your project files. This allows you to draw upon our extensive manufacturing experience, so your products and parts are highly cost-effective to manufacture — helping you reduce prices and gain a critical competitive edge.
We work with all types of materials and processes that your design may require, including final coatings. 
From a simple bracket to complex metal fabrication, machining, and sophisticated turnkey assemblies — and from a single prototype to hundreds or thousands of precision-built units — we can help you meet your business objectives.



Driven by our corporate mission, we work diligently to continuously enhance quality, streamline delivery and improve cost competitiveness. 



We enjoy collaborating with product engineers in a CAD environment, seamlessly integrating your designs into our CAM processes. In addition, we leverage a number of just-in-time programs to deliver products when needed — improving cash flow and reducing storage requirements. 



A History of Accomplishment

In 2002, a Fortune 500 biomedical customer gave us the opportunity to redesign one of its existing products and create its documentation package. Working diligently, we were able to improve the manufacturability of the customer’s design, maintaining the interface requirements. This significantly reduced the manufacturing costs, saving the customer more than $350,000 in the first year. Today, that same unit’s savings are well into the multi-million dollar range.