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Tobar Industries acquired Tovar Industries in late 2015. This branch of the company specializes in the manufacture of standard and custom-built workstations, benches, cabinets, shelving, and carts for corporate, industrial, medical and clean room applications.
Our workstations are available in a wide array of finishes and can be custom built to your specifications. Custom-designed stations such as ergonomic height-adjustment systems and clean-room-approved stations with anti-static tops are available.
We do Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) development built to your specifications and shipping to multiple locations.
In fact, we have been providing custom workstations to companies such as Intel and IBM since 1969.

  • Gibo / Kodama Chairs
  • Dunnage Racks & Platforms Security Units, Specialty Units
  • T – 50SS Stainless Steel Clean Room
    and much more built to your specifications
  • Stacking Basket Systems
  • Supply Carts
  • Stacking & Mobile Containers 
  • Heavy-Duty Stacking Containers
  • Storage Bins / Bin Carts
  • Hamper & Cylinder
  • Transporter Carts
  • Universal Carts
  • Stock Trucks
  • Electronic Products / Carts
  • Adapta-Plus
  • Shelving
  • Shelving Storage Systems
  • Enclosure Panels
  • Dolly Bases
  • Wall Shelf Units
  • Utility and Mail Carts


All from Technibilt
Cari-Trac and Cari-Stor Systems

ESD Properties
The unique characteristics of Nevamar Static Dissipative Laminates make them ideally suited for a variety of electronically sensitive applications. Not only do they meet or surpass all standards for electrical properties, but they practically eliminate surface shedding. And they provide a tough, durable work surface that outlasts competitive materials.


ESD Ground Kit


Electrical Properties

  Typical Certified
Volume Resistance (100V, Face to Back)1 107 1 x 106 to 1 x 109
Point to Point Resistance (100V, 18" apart)1 107 1 x 106 to 1 x 109
Decay Rate (5000 Volts Fed Test Method 101C Method 4046)2, 3 .001 Seconds Less than .05 Seconds
Surface to Grounding Bolt (18" apart)1 107 1 x 106 to 1 x 109
  1. At 50 percent RH / 72 degrees Fahrenheit, 100V with a Biddle BM 10 Megger Meter, NFPA Electrodes (2 1/2 Diameter, 5#)
  2. At 50 percent RH / 72 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. Two Seconds Maximum Allowed


  Static Dissipative ARP Surface Conventional (Non-ARP)
Typical NEMA Value 1550 cycles 600 cycles
Typical Rate of Wear (Weight loss per 100 Cycles Abrasion) .006 gm / 100 cycles .080 gm / 100 cycles
  • Laminate Performance Properties – Meets or exceeds NEMA LD-3-1991 standards for PF-42 grade.
  • Thickness – Postformable Sheet: .040″ nominal
  • Formability – Postformable within 1/2″ to 3/4″ radius depending on equipment and humidity.
  • Surface Finish – Standard textured finish.
  • Bonding Procedure – Use standard contact or white glue adhesives, and standard (NEMA) application procedures for high-pressure decorative laminates.
  • Chemical Resistance – Resistant to common solvents such as acetone, 111 trichloroethylene, soldering flux, isopropyl alcohol, and naphtha.
  • Temperature Resistance – 350 degrees Fahrenheit with no change per NEMA LD-3.06 and NEMA LD-3.08.
  • Maintenance – Clean static dissipative laminate with good ammoniated detergent, rinsing with clear water. Do not use wax or other coatings since they may modify the electrical properties of the laminate.
  • Installation – The laminate must be connected to a good ground to be effective.
Check Out These Advantages:
  • Controlled dissipation of static electricity without voltage suppression ambiguity
  • Features ARP SURFACE to minimize surface shedding
  • Meets or exceeds all normal durability requirements of NEMA LD-3-1991
  • High resistance to hot solder, soldering flux, chemicals, and heat
  • Textured finish is easy to maintain
  • Postformable for rounded applications
  • Each sheet is certified and labeled to meet specific electrical property requirements
Color Availability:
Sheets are available in the following colors:
  • SN2064 Beige
  • ST6055 Graystone
  • SN2065 Almond
  • SW7028 White
  • ST6025 Gray
  • S6074 Black
Textured finish with armored protection is standard.

Clean Room Benches

T100A – Standard Bench
This heavy A-frame table is ideal for everyday jobs, from assembly lines to temporary storage problems. The legs are made of extra-heavy 14-gauge steel and are 1½”x1½”. Welded braces of 1″x2″ tubular steel provide additional rigidity for those heavy loads. Since the lateral brace is recessed to the center of the table, you can seat personnel on both sides of the table simultaneously. Tops are available with a wide variety of plastic laminates including anti-static laminate. Frames are available in five standard colors, allowing many attractive contrasting color combinations. We have plenty of options available to customize a standard bench for you.

T100A – TD4-L-R with Locks
This complete tech bench has four drawers on each side. All surfaces are finished with a laminated plastic of your choice.

Custom Benches
In addition to our full range of standard items, Tovar Industries Inc will customize your production bench to your unique specifications. Electric outlets can be added, special top coverings can be provided, and both tops and frames are available in a wide variety of colors. We can also arrange for delivery and installation at your place of business.


  • TWR Extended Welder Riser
    Comes with full plastic-laminated top shelf
  • TSR Superstructure Riser
    Includes four-inch backsplash or full plastic-laminated back
  • TEP Electrical Mounting
    The three-inch mounting panel included in Deluxe Bench T200B can be added to T100A. Finished in laminated plastic, this bench is available in a variety of colors
  • TMP Modesty Panel
    Finished with laminated plastic and available in a variety of colors
  • TD1 Drawer Units
    One-drawer unit available in a variety of colors
  • TLS Lower Shelf
    An option on the T100A, it is included on the T200B
  • TD3 Drawer Units
    Three-drawer units available in a variety of colors
  • Outlet Strips
    (WUL700 & 1100 – TG20C)
    UL-listed outlet strips with a small profile are available in four- and six-foot lengths. All of these units are equipped with push-to-reset circuit breakers. Master lighted rocker switch controls the entire unit on 700 series.
  • Wire Mold
    The UL-approved 20C series was designed to be wired into a fixed installation (circuit breaker not included) Movotec Lift Systems from Suspa


Custom Benches

Custom Cabinets

Custom Carts

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